Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rick's Breakfast on the Grill

The thunderstorms last night lowered the temperature and humidity to tolerable levels.  Sunny and beautiful, I thought I’d make Miss Ruth and me breakfast on the grill.  A fresh organic egg omelette with caramelized Vidalia onion and fresh basil would be a nice start.  Grilled BBQ sauce glazed bacon would take it over the top!  Wegman’s has an artisan bacon in the deli case that is off-the-charts delicious!  I had them cut 1/4” thick slices that are perfect for cooking on the grill.  I seasoned the slices with fresh cracked pepper and cooked them over low heat to render out most of the fat before basting with my BBQ sauce.  Needless to say, it was a pretty damn good Breakfast!

For the BBQ glazed bacon:

Season with fresh cracked pepper and place on a preheated grill over medium heat.

Cook, turning every few minutes until most of the fat is rendered out.  Watch carefully to avoid flare-ups.

Add BBQ sauce and spread with the tongs to coat the entire surface.

Baste the other side and cook until each slice is caramelized.

For the Omelette:

Saute the Vidalia onion in some olive oil and butter in a non-stick skillet until caramelized. Add three pats of butter to the pan and melt, swirling the pan to coat the bottom thoroughly.

Add 3 beaten eggs seasoned with pepper and Kosher salt.  Cook on low heat until the eggs set, then turn to medium-high heat to lightly brown the bottom.

Ruth planted me a pot with three kinds of fresh basil.  This is a perfect addition to any omelette!

Tear the basil and sprinkle on the egg.  When the outer edges of the omelette begin to turn brown, remove from the heat.

Turn the omelette onto a serving dish with the BBQ-glazed bacon and garnish with fresh basil.  Serve with a nice Champagne.  This beats Denny’s any day of the week!  Enjoy!

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